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These are the crazy confessions of a novice mommy and her adventures in world "mom-ination." If you've followed my blog on PEOPLE.com/Babies, or read my new book Situation Momedy: A First-Time Mom's Guide to Laughing Your Way Through Pregancy & Year One, you're likely already familiar with my writing style and “Mommy-centric” blog fodder. If not, I'll introduce myself with this brief summary: Suffice it to say, I have kids. Two, in fact. Now, I’m not suggesting this defines me entirely, but it certainly goes a long way toward explaining my daily trials and tribulations with spit-up and dirty diapers. I also have five dogs, which throws some wacky canine parenting in the mix too. I hope you’ll continue coming back again and again for more of my motherhood anecdotes, and I look forward to hearing from you. If you haven't yet read "Situation Momedy," I hope you'll check it out! You can find a link for purchase under the "links" tab above. It makes a fun baby shower gift, even if you aren't a new mom yourself! The sequel, Situation Momedy: A Very Special Episode in Toddlerdom, is due to be released by Medallion Press in February 2017. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram too!

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December 31, 2012

  • kelsey says:

    Such a beautiful family! I love your blog!!!

  • Sharon says:

    First, I just want to say I love reading your blogs. I had a baby girl May 29th of last year. Just over a week after your little one was born. So it’s been fun following along and seeing the similarities of our experiences with motherhood and our babies. I have noticed though that my little one has gone from being a calm, happy and always smiling baby to a complaining, fidgety and grabby baby. I’ve been told it’s because she is more mobile now and is curious about everything. Just curious to see if you have noticed a change recently as well.

    • Thank you, and congrats! I sympathize with your situation… I’m no doctor, but I definitely think some babies need a challenge. According to my mom, I needed to be stimulated constantly when I was a baby. I wasn’t fussy unless I was bored. Gray is still pretty mellow most of the time, but I try to change her environment as often as possible, because my mom said that’s what helped me a lot as a child, and I suspect my daughter is similar to me in that way. The grabby aspect is something I thoroughly understand- Gray does the same, and it’s especially bad at bedtime, when she knows she’s being asked to wind down. Our kids have gone into extreme discovery mode, so their curiosity is overwhelming at this age. Inevitably, and I’m sure you can appreciate this, Gray seems to want everything she cannot have: the TV remote, my phone, the computer… she is already a technologically driven girl of the 21st century!I truly think the change is more about their need for stimulation, rather than a change in personality. That said, you may want to take notes about when your little one is exceedingly fussy- Sometimes children can be super fussy when they are allergic to something they are eating (or that you are consuming, if you are breastfeeding). For instance, Gray was abysmally fussy when I was eating dairy, so I cut it out for five months. She’s now fine with it. If you start to notice a pattern where food is concerned, you may want to consult your pediatrician! All of that said, I feel your pain!! Wishing you the best of luck with it… -Jenna

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