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--Photos in Welcome section courtesy of Mimosa Arts Photography--

September 7, 2012


                  If you have a thousand and one photos of a newborn baby on your camera, it means one of two things… either you hijacked Anne Geddes’ private stash, or you’re a proud mom. God knows I’m guilty as charged of the latter! In fact, I’m thinking of holding clandestine, top-secret, anonymous meetings on the subject. My name is Jenna and I’m a baby-photoholic. Admittedly, there’s an addictive quality to over-sharing pictures of my child, whether she is sleeping, smiling, sneezing, cooing, crying, yawning, or doing absolutely nothing interesting at all. Somehow, she manages to make belching adorable, so the fun just never ends. And let’s be candid, nothing is really off limits. The other day I managed to catch a photo of my daughter pooping all over my husband. I just couldn’t restrain myself. Think of it like observing a hot dog eating contest… you want to throw up, but not until you see if somebody else does first. It was mildly disgusting, but impossible to pass up. (Rest assured, I didn’t add that picture to the baby album.) Needless to say, with my proclivity for clicking away at every grin and grunt, the remaining memory bank on my hard drive is dwindling faster than you can say “cheese.”  When I’m not snapping shots with my mega-badass digital camera with the super-sized lens, I’m Instagramming the masses via my iPhone. This brings me to the point of my blog this week: photography apps**. Just in case I wasn’t already exerting enough time and energy on photographing my daughter, enter my fixation with various applications that can do quirky things such as fitting my child’s head with 80’s rock star hair, or making our faces look like they’ve been run through an Etch-A-Sketch pad. Since misery loves company, I figure the least I can do is help you to share in my photo-altering obsession… Join my club.


My Sketch~ $1.99 on iPhone

Pimp My Hair~ currently free on iPhone! ***Because what parent doesn’t want to see their child doing impressions of Don King & Donald Trump?!***


Color Effects~ Free on iPhone!


PicStitch~ Free on iPhone



FishEye Camera~ .99 on iPhone


Pocketbooth~ .99 on iPhone. Also available for iPad, Android, Nokia & Windows phones


I hope the above apps have inspired you, and awakened your inner photographer. I bid you luck, and many laughs, as you endeavor to capture the best moments of your child’s life!

Until next time… Peace, Love, & Dirty Diapers,

Jenna von Oy

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(**As a side note, my apologies to those of you who use something other than an iPhone. Since that’s what I have, those are the apps I’m familiar with. I realize they may not be compatible with other phones or devices… Please also know that I wasn’t paid to promote any of these. I stumbled upon them on my own, and thought you might enjoy them as I did!)


  • MA Momma says:

    LOOOOOVE! Especially the “fish eye” app. I do not have an iPhone and I think I’m guilty of just the opposite, NOT taking enough photos of my daughters, more so with my 2nd than my 1st. My mother is the QUEEN of family photography, and what used to annoy us as kids now warms our hearts when we look back at all the wonderful memories she captured for us, at her own expense as she rarely appeared in many of the shots. They are only this age ONCE, so snap away! Thanks for sharing these absolutely ADORBS pics Jenna.

  • Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Ooh these are great…I’m constantly snapping pix too and what a fun way to accessorize…thanks for sharing..off to get some of the apps if not all:-)

  • coretta says:

    pics So sweet,funny.been a fan since your “Blossom” days. funny you should end up just 30\45 minutes from me.hope tennesseans are good to you,to me it’s the greatest state to live in.hope you think so,too.

  • Mallory says:

    PicFx is a great one, too. I think it’s $1.99 on the iPhone.

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