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May 3, 2016

Capitalizing on cuddles…


Thank you for all the beautiful birthday messages yesterday! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved and missed. Many of you asked how I spent my day, so I thought I’d share…
As a matter of fact, we had quite the celebratory weekend planned– this ambitiously included two date nights with my hubby (oh, miracle of miracles!), followed by a relaxing “Me-time Monday,” during which I intended to get a much-needed massage whilst my children painted and played to their heart’s content at daycare. Sounds dreamy, right?
In a move that seemed slightly less like the Universe trying to shower me with birthday wishes, and more like the Universe conspiring to make sure I didn’t have too many celebratory festivities crammed into one week, I spent every one of those occasions throwing a home-bound parenting party, otherwise known as: nursing my children back to health from a bout of the ever-fun-and-highly-contagious Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Lovely. (For those of you without children, that’s not the same as Hoof-and-Mouth Disease, which only affects livestock. But I totally understand the confusion.)
The upside? My sweet husband worked from home yesterday so he could help with the kids, and I got to spend my special day with the three people that top my list of “Humans On This Planet I Love Most.” Not to mention, the contagion has nary a foot in the door now. So you know what? Screw you, Universe! Your plan to eclipse my fun day was foiled! That said, for argument’s sake, can I have a Mother’s Day that’s less snot and fever filled? Pretty please with a birthday candle on top?
And on that note… I haven’t been doing much extracurricular blogging lately, but here’s an ode to Mother’s Day I wrote, that went up on Sunday!

Until next time… Peace, Love, and Dirty Diapers,

Jenna von Oy


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