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September 28, 2012


Autumn always ignites my desire to stroll through our local farmer’s market. I love running my hands through bins of multicolored October beans and field peas; I’m fascinated by row upon row of all manner of zucchini and squash. I want to photograph every strange looking gourd, warts and all! I could spend hours perusing stalls of local honey and homemade jam, and the smell of kettle corn is music to my senses. Here in Nashville, this past weekend saw the weather turning a bit brisk, and I couldn’t have been more elated! My husband and I spent our Saturday doing every chore we could muster, so that we could spare some time on Sunday to play. We threw Gray’s brand new stroller into the trunk of our car, rolled down the windows and headed to the market. My wallet may not have been thrilled, but I certainly was! I bought turnip greens and side bacon (God, I love the South!), lusted after bright purple heads of cabbage, and swooned over pumpkins the size of a Buick. In fact, I tried to document Gray’s first market experience by hoisting her onto a haystack with said giant pumpkin, and attempting an impromptu photo shoot. I can’t swear she was quite as enamored by this occasion as I was… See attached photos!  The day managed to be a bit more eventful than we’d planned, when I managed to lose Gray’s special hairband that my Mom recently made for her. Since I refused to return home without it, the hunt began. I got to take another loop around the market while I scoured the ground, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t secretly enjoy catching a second glimpse of the gorgeous produce to be had. I ultimately found the hairband waiting patiently (in the car, of course) in a paper bag full of plump concord grapes I’d purchased; their round bodies cushioning it like little pillows! Upon arriving home with our goodies, my husband and I dove into those grapes with reckless abandon. Their deep purple skins burst beneath our tongues like fireworks, the tangy sweetness immediately taking me back to my childhood. We even squeezed a small drop onto Gray’s lips, so she could enjoy the adventure along with us. Her face lit up with delight. Who says a four month old can’t appreciate food?

I’ve always been attached to the idea of raising our daughter with a ‘’farm to table’’ mentality. I pray she shares my enthusiasm for the simple things in life. In fact, my husband and I have even entertained the idea of eventually getting backyard chickens, so we can collect our own fresh eggs. My fondest childhood memories are laced with summer afternoons spent traipsing through my Dad’s vegetable garden. I remember pinching off snap peas and crunching away for hours. I would pop cherry tomatoes into my mouth like gumdrops. I pushed aside brambles so I could gather baskets full of juicy red raspberries, and grazed on wild blackberries that sprouted near the edge of our woods. Someday, I hope Gray can recall similar stories. I hope she learns to appreciate how each season delivers it’s own set of edible fun! For now, I’m just hoping I haven’t instigated a lifelong pumpkin aversion…


Until next time… Peace, Love & Dirty Diapers,



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  • Enjoy every second because you will not believe how fast it goes by! My daughter is 19 years old now and it seems like last week I was still playing Barbie with her. Such sweet memories.

  • Annette says:

    I am a year older than you. I watched you every week on Blossom. It was nice to have someone on tv at the time that I could relate to(in many ways). Your daughter is so beautiful, mine is 11 going on 25. She amazes me everyday. I’m not sure I want to go back to when she was 1 but I’m also not ready for 13. I don’t have a baby right now but I really enjoy your writing. Congratulations and keep it up:)

  • Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Lol at the picture of Gray poor thing! And it’s so important to support local markets. I was against this at first because I wasn’t sure where the farms were but then my husband reminded me we don’t know where the grocery store food comes from either! Enough said…

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