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October 19, 2012


                  I grew up in a family where politics were never discussed. We didn’t sit at the dinner table and debate health care reform over meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or scour the Sunday papers for the latest update on the Gulf War. That isn’t to say my parents didn’t mark their ballots come election time, take an interest in the world around them, or feel a sense of pride for their country. They did all of those things and still do. They’ve just never been passionate about politics in a way that makes their blood boil; they’ve always kept those opinions to themselves. I don’t recall us tuning into CNN for the State of the Union address or waiting with bated breath as presidential election results rolled in, so we could celebrate and/or mourn. In fact, until a few years ago, I probably couldn’t have told you whether my parents considered themselves Democrats or Republicans. Mind you, I’m not suggesting this was unwise on their part. They chose to keep politics out of their household and our childhood, and I don’t fault them for it. I hope you won’t either. In fact, I suppose it allowed us to forge our own paths, with no preconceived notions. I tell you all of this to set the stage. My true introduction to politics wasn’t until I was well into my teenage years, and it was namely by way of self-discovery. I began asking questions and feeling the weight of my civic duty. I learned that I have a voice and it can be heard loudly, via my vote. I cannot wait to introduce my daughter to this crucial concept. I can’t wait to tell her that one vote can make a huge difference and that standing behind her convictions is of the utmost importance. Politics will not be kept behind closed doors in our house. Truthfully, I don’t mind if her vote doesn’t swing the same direction as mine, so long as she believes whole-heartedly in her choices!

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  • Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Great message…I definitely want my son to be involved from the very beginning so he is aware of what kind of country and world we live in so there are no surprises as he gets older!

  • Jen says:

    I was just talking about this very thing on my blog today. I grew up in a household that did discuss politics and I am sure I was shaped by it. I loved being able to take a different view than my parent (mostly for shock value) but found as long as I had done the research and took my stand based on more than emotion they supported it, even encouraged it.

  • Melissa says:

    Jenna, I grew up watching you as Six on blossom and have been a loyal reader of your People.com blog. LOVE your writing style and couldn’t agree more. I actually wrote a post in a similar vein a couple months back. Glad to know other moms are on the same page! http://let-there-be-light.net/2012/05/31/judgy-judge-judge-stop-the-insanity/ Also, Love the pups encouraging us all to vote 🙂 And Gray is just gorgeous!!

  • Mary says:

    Very well written! I really appreciate that you didn’t throw in your political leanings. Congrats on being a new mommy! 🙂

  • melyssa says:

    Love this so much. Exactly what I’ve been feeling. The internet has become the Tower of Babble for bullies, and I’m not talking about teens. We tear one another down, in sarcastic, “funny” fashion, and then quietly cry into our coffee when it goes too far. I’m too liberal for the conservatives, and too conservative for the liberals…so it feels like I’m sorrowful more often than most! No matter what, a dear friend gets bashed. Thanks for your beautiful writing! People.com is a guilty pleasure which I typically get nothing out of…and then I spot your writing-yay! Something I won’t forget ten minutes from now. 🙂

  • Kimbre Neidhart says:

    I love this article. It is so true that no matter what side of the aisle you are on…we all deserve to be heard. I hate when people are so afraid of other ideas that they can’t even listen without putting someone down for their own thoughts. It is a scary world when the only person heard is the one that shouts the loudest or is the most intimidating.

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