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December 26, 2012

                       We have entered the Twilight Zone, more popularly known as: teething.  It is a warped world of twisted tales and meltdowns, where one never knows if something sinister is hiding around an otherwise innocuous corner. What lurks in the shadows is often scarier than the threat one can see. For example, consider our flight to Los Angeles in October. We were preparing to head west for my little sister’s wedding, and the plane ride loomed over us menacingly. For three evenings prior to our trip, my daughter was in teething hell, beginning at around 6 PM….  Exactly the hour our flight was scheduled to depart. Go figure! And we’re talking epic saga screaming sessions here; the poor girl wailed until she passed out from exhaustion. It was devastating for my husband and I, because there’s only so much a parent can do to ease aching gums. We felt helpless. At some point, we had to take a deep breath, check our sanity at the door, and realize it’s all part of the growth process—ours as well as hers. Needless to say, the prospect of being in a confined space (for just shy of five hours) with a potentially screaming baby, was less than thrilling. In all honesty, I’d rather have a root canal than deal with fellow passengers who are furious over a fussy baby… make that my fussy baby.  Sure, I’ve heard about the folks who dole out candy to their cabin-mates as a preemptive strike. Truthfully, I’m lucky I made it out the door with my Matron-of-Honor dress in tow, much less a dispensable goodie bag for people I’ve never met and will likely never see again. I’m not suggesting I don’t care about their feelings– I probably care TOO much, in fact. But there’s something about bribing folks to pretend they don’t hear my child moaning in misery that disturbs me.  I have to hope the simple words ‘’my daughter is in pain right now,’’ accompanied by a sincere ’’thank you for your understanding,’’ will suffice. But I digress. The apprehension was overwhelming as we counted down the minutes until the impending debacle. But you know what? My sweet little girl surprised us by sleeping the whole way to California.  And she smiled the entire way back home! My pre-flight paranoia stressed me out far more than the flight itself. As I said before, you just never know what’s lurking in the shadows. Every now and then, it winds up being something better than you expected!


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