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--Photos in Welcome section courtesy of Mimosa Arts Photography--

January 4, 2013

Attempting to capture a good family Christmas photo is often as farfetched as trying to lasso the moon. Not to mention, both seem to require some commitment of insanity. Needless to say, we tried it anyway… capturing the photo, not lassoing the moon, just to be clear.

One of my best friends recently began a photography business, and she’s doing a fantastic job. She especially enjoys photographing children, so I foresee many modeling sessions in Gray’s future. My child is going to grow up thinking weekly photo shoots are the norm, and that mommy is a closet wardrobe stylist. I might be raising a future Abercrombie & Fitch model, which is a bit terrifying. Nonetheless, just getting the family Christmas photo behind us was a production worthy of Broadway. My friend had chosen a nearby park as our location, and said the best light would be present at around 3:30 in the afternoon. This, of course, is generally Gray’s naptime, so we were already running on empty when we arrived. As we rounded the corner of the greenway and spotted the parking lot, Gray began what some might refer to as a minor temper tantrum. I prefer to call it a melodramatic interpretive car seat dance. Whenever possible, I find it’s fun to come up with new and creative ways to address her foul moods… Or least lend them an artistic edge. It somehow makes them slightly less awful in my own head, and I’m sticking with it. Anyhow, the giant crocodile tears were already flowing when I opened the car door, and the whining was reaching a fever pitch. Hell hath no fury like a kid who has missed her naptime! But an amazing thing happened when she saw the camera; she turned on the charm and started hamming it up. God help me, this child is definitely mine. We wound up getting some great shots before the sun went down, and I think we might even have a few that all three of us are smiling in, impossible though that may sound! However, in going over all of the pictures, it’s some of the silly outtakes that make me smile the most. They are a reminder of the adventure… Sometimes the fun isn’t in the arrival at a destination, it’s the journey to get there.


Thought you might appreciate some samples, courtesy of Lila McCann Photography!




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