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January 25, 2013



It seems that each week brings a new favorite moment to be shared with my daughter. I find I am constantly shuffling through the images in my head, trying to burn them into my brain so they’ll never be forgotten. Of course, I realize I can’t possibly remember every minute of every day, which is what I would do if I had my druthers. You’d think our kids would become less fascinating as they graduate from the newborn stage, right? Instead, the novelty doesn’t wear off, and as Gray continues to grow and learn new things, the memorable instances are getting more and more frequent. One day there’s a dimpled, gummy smile; the next day there’s a toothy grin to replace it. How can you say one is more special or significant than another? I certainly can’t… I cherish every one of Gray’s new sounds, movements, expressions, and even growing pains. Every act is a wonder, as she reaches out to me for the first time, discovers her ability to roll over, learns to pull herself up on her crib, or laughs at a funny face I’ve made. They are the cherished moments that make you realize how quickly time is passing, and you want to etch them into your heart with something indelible. I thought it might be fun to share five of my most recent favorite moments…


1. Though I am still breastfeeding more often than not, Gray began showing signs that she was ready for solid foods not too long ago. At eight months old, she definitely has an appetite! She is already proving to be quite the gourmande, enjoying everything from avocado and black beans, to homemade butternut squash with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom. I’m making her food here at the house, for the most part, since it is easy and cheap. Feeding her is endless entertainment, as she gets super excited about dinnertime!

 Food Face

2. Gray has developed a wonderful relationship with our puppies. She looks for them when she wakes up in the morning, and they do the same.  Some of our most treasured moments include time spent together on the sofa, cuddling. Gray seems to have an affinity for rubbing their ears…

 Gray & The Pups

3. Gray has started to make sounds that imitate words, but she has also become quite adept at mimicking tone. She often erupts into something that vaguely resembles singing. I think she may be a future Glee cast member. Or an opera singer. Or perhaps I’ve led her to believe life is a musical, and random songs about nothing at all are the norm. Regardless, I’m thrilled at the prospect of her enjoying music. I’m sure it helps that I make up stupid little ditties about everything under the sun!


4. She has recently begun to enjoy bath time. Initially, she wasn’t a fan, and we dreaded the ritual because we knew it would lead to her being in a foul mood. And then, one day, she suddenly stopped crying and started LOVING it! Ah, women can be so fickle. I attribute the change of heart to her newfound ability to sit up by herself. Now that she isn’t relying on us to prop her up, she gets lost in playing with her bath toys and splashing around. Somehow I wind up a lot wetter than I used to in the whole deal, but as long as she’s having fun, I’m happy!

Bath Time

 5. December 25th was full of wonder at our house, as we got to watch Gray experience the magic of Christmas for the first time. Not that she really tore presents open, mind you, or had any understanding of the situation, but it was neat to see her excitement. We made a concerted effort not to go overboard on the gift giving, and chose a few items that would be especially memorable down the road. One item I’m particularly fond of is a handmade felt book about her name. It was adorable to see her sit in her daddy’s lap on Christmas morning, and flip the pages of her new book!

 Christmas Morning

As the moments keep coming, I’ll try to make a habit of sharing a few every now and again. What memorable moment has occurred in the last few weeks for you and your child? I would love to hear about it…


Until next time… Peace, Love, & Dirty Diapers,

Jenna von Oy

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  • MA Momma says:

    We recently told our two girls (ages 5 1/2 and 2 1/2) that we are having another baby in the summer and much to our relief both were very excited. Now every day, the oldest puts everything we talk about in the context of when the baby is coming. We are treated to impromptu princess fashion shows or musical numbers nearly every evening. I come from a very musical family so I am excited to see how both the girls continue to embrace music! Also, Jenna, that recipe for butternut squash with vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom sounds yummy! Will you share it?

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