Welcome To The Cradle Chronicles!

These are the crazy confessions of a first time mommy, and her adventures in world "mom-ination." If you are coming to this blogsite by way of People.com, chances are you’re already familiar with my writing style and “Mommy-centric” blog fodder. If not, I'll introduce myself with this brief summary: Suffice it to say, I have kids. Two, in fact. Now, I’m not suggesting this defines me entirely, but it certainly goes a long way toward explaining my daily trials and tribulations with spit-up and dirty diapers. Which brings me to… Welcome to The Cradle Chronicles! I hope you’ll continue coming back again and again for more of my motherhood anecdotes, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please keep an eye out for my book, "Situation Momedy," to be released by Medallion Press in 2015 and feel free to follow me on Twitter too!

--Photos in Welcome section courtesy of Mimosa Arts Photography--


I am Mom to a gorgeous little girl named Gray, as well as five canine children. Our house has more paws than feet, and the person who wears the pants still wears diapers underneath them. I am also a wife, an actress, a singer, a writer, a lover of all things creative, an avid reader, a challenge-seeker, a dreamer, a novice chef, a wine enthusiast, a Scrabble-junkie, a coffee-fiend, and a fan of coloring outside the lines. Not necessarily in that order. A while back, People.com asked me to write about my impending Mommyhood, and it got so addicting, I gave birth to a blog too. I’m still a work in progress, and so is the blog. This is what results when you combine a newfound love of motherhood and a propensity to talk too much, then throw in an obsession with photographing everything in sight, accompanied by a side of caffeine. Or two. Or five. Now I spend my days chasing pups & changing diapers in the country music capitol… Nashville. Add blogging to the chaos, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a source for comedy. Come join me on my crazy-making, laughter-inducing, and spit-up & poop-filled journey!